Claus Joens
Claus Joens


Welcome to Washington’s new 39th Legislative District. After redistricting, the 39th LD no longer includes much of the Highway 2 corridor, Monroe, and Arlington, and has added the community of Lake Stevens. This means more than 50% of our people will be voting in the 39th LD for the first time! Also, the 39th LD is expected to pick up many more Democratic leaning people than lived here during the 2020 election.

I am the only Democrat endorsed by the Skagit County Democrats, Snohomish County Democrats, and the 39th LD Democrats, and the only candidate with unwavering support for women’s reproductive rights.

Our campaign is focused on three primary issues I can help with as an individual candidate:

  • Protecting women’s reproductive freedom by supporting a state Constitutional Amendment
  • Eliminating toxic work environments by sponsoring the Healthy Workplace Bill
  • Requiring a 4th year of high school math like we already require for English Language Arts

Our campaign is focused on three primary issues we can support our Democratic Caucus with:

  • Climate Change
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Affordable Housing

I find senseless gun violence and mass shootings to be deeply disturbing. As an avid hunter and firearms owner, I strongly support improving background checks, waiting periods, and preventing domestic violence and mental health offenders from owning firearms. I do not support taking guns away from law abiding citizens who purchased them, use them, and store them legally. Criminals do not need guns.

We need someone in Olympia willing to show up, ask the tough questions, make tough decisions, and improve the lives of the people who live here. Robert Sutherland has not done that. I believe Sutherland has not sponsored a single bill of his own that passed the legislature in the past 4 years. Of particular concern is people on a fixed income. Social Security is expected to be insolvent in 10 years, and Medicare will be insolvent in 5 years. About 40% of Washington residents rely upon Medicare supported healthcare plans. I believe we should approve Universal Healthcare now to make sure no one goes without medical care. With your support, we can build a world with honest communication where kindness matters. God, Family, and Country!